Welcome to Chinta!

As someone who has lived around Scarborough for a fair while now, Chinta  - a balinese style cafe/homewear&furniture store in Doubleview - would have to be one of the most unique coffee places in this area.

Even if it's a grey kind of day, as soon as you step into the cafe's courtyard it will simply take you into a different more colourful world with little artesian wells, glockenspiels, lots of greenery and a variety of seating including daybeds with blankets to fight the cold.

It's a place to kick back relax and forget about all worries you have :)

Inside you can find an amazing collection of handcrafted teak furniture as well as unique homewares, are water features and statures from around the globe. Chinta even stocks a selction of fashion and jewellery! So make sure you bring a little more than just coffee money you may find a really nice piece of clothing or art. 

Actually quite dangerous to go there for a coffee sometimes haha.

Now go get swept away to this magical place and let your dreams run freeeeee weeeehhhhhh