Day out in Fremantle

Yesterday we went to check out Fremantle's current attraction, the Winter Garden.

Located right by the idyllic Fremantle Esplanade transforming it into a magical festival winter wonderland with a bar, lots of seating and delicious food. We arrived just in time for one of the shows and got to watch a couple Ice Skaters showing off their elegant ice-dancing skills.

Unfortunately all sessions were booked out when we got there (note to myself: book online next time). However when you do get in early enough you can hit the Ice yourself for only $24 online and $30 at the Ice Skating Ring. 

Of course you have to go check out the markets when in Fremantle. I personally can't get enough of the extensive offer of food, accessories, candles etc. etc. The obligatory bratwurst and coffee was a must of course and we headed to our next favorite stop....

...Moore and Moore cafe!!! Funky location, great staff, quick service, awesome coffee (coming from me, this means something as a self proclaimed coffee snob ;)) and excellent food! This time I tried the mouthwatering organic beef burger...mmmmmmm!!!!!! But see for yourself !