4 Facts every Surfer Girl can relate to

We all know those picture perfect shots of Alana Blanchard and her perfectly round butt captured duck diving under crystal clear turquoise blue water somewhere in paradise, with hair to die for and a tan that's out of this world...Yes this is how female surfing is represented most of the time these days and how everyone strives to look like while catching waves (including myself!). Perfect conditions, amazing turns and cut backs while still looking damn sexy with no single hair out of place, no nip slips and immaculate make up?!

Well reality is MOST of the time looking like a fucking supermodel is NOT how it really goes down unless you're a Pro OR Alana Blanchard including her photographer, stylist and make up artist.  My point is don't get demotivated when you come home beaten up by your own surfboard because your duck diving failed and your board smacked you in your face. Don't get embarrassed when you flash a ton of people because your bikini might look sexy while lying on the beach but is CERTAINLY NOT surf proof (trust me it happened to me just the other day...Fortunately the Chinese dude who was the only witness pretended nothing happened. Cheers!). Don't get demotivated when last time you got up and slayed some turns while this time you nose dived or fell of your board the most ridiculous way (you know legs up and weird face kind of way...). Own it like Queen Bey falling down the stairs, get up and get out there again!!! Only with persistence and the right mindset will you look like Alana someday!!!! Ok maybe not exactly like her, but you know what I mean :).

I know you're probably like, yeah well look at the photos you post of yourself...I know I know my butt is out there my poses are, well they are poses and yes I do only choose the perfect shots where I look damn fine. Who wouldn't right? But in honour of this blogpost I'd like to share the 'not so pretty side' of surfing. So here we go:

1.) Wax Rash

You know that painful rash after you've been surfing everyday without a shirt or spring suit. Not pleasant at all!


2.) Not so sexy Wipe Outs


3.) 'Trying to look sexy but totes failed' shots

I just can't help it. Everytime I'm trying to channel my inner Alana I turn into a dork...

4.) Bikini Slips

This one I will leave free to your imagination...Trying to keep it PG rated ;).

Conclusion of today's post: Don't forget the most beautiful girl out in the water is the one having the most fun :) (Cheesy I know! But true)


If I missed any facts you think every surfer girl could relate to, comment below and let me know!