Little homage to Kelly Cutrone

…and a few of my current favourite accessories.


Dark purple! It must be this winters top colour. Although I cannot get enough of my red lipstick I had to ditch it a few times now for this gorgeous purple one from mac (Rebel). 

If you like inspiring books about the modern power woman just as much as I do, you cannot get passed Kelly Cutrone’s two Bestsellers!

Not only is she running one of the biggest fashion PR firms            ’People’s Revolution’, the power lady and mentor for many women is also a single mum!

I’m only half way through the first book and already absolutely hooked on her amazing story how she made it big in New York City coming from a little country town. This book gives me so much motivation that even I can make it, although I grew up with cows as neighbours and don’t have any connections in the fashion industry to get fast tracked.

So if you’re after some serious inspiration, go get yourself a copy!