Today's Inspiration: Pro Surfer Monyca Eleogram

For a few years now I have been following her dreamy lifestyle.

(I even met her once. Without realising though as I didn’t know who she was back then…bummer!)


Pro Surfer Monyca Eleogram is definitely one to be jealous off…Her long lushes hair, the to-die-for-body and just her life in general: photo shoots and surf all day in one of the most beautiful places which this lucky lady can call home: Hana in Hawaii. (Hawaii: one of my personal special places…) Now married she’s still far from boring. With a Roxy contract in her pocket she continues to travel the world with one of the best female surfers to exotic places like Fiji, Costa Rica and many more. 

I guess I’ll just have to become a pro surfer. ‘Sigh’